2002 Graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts.


2022 ‘We are together’,online exhibition.

2017 'China Young Talents + Contemporary International Art Tour Exhibition', Jiangxi

2017 ‘A piece of cotton paper’, Shanhai Art Museum, Beijing

2017 Multidimensional. The Second Art Invitational Exhibition, Shanshui Art Museum,Beijing

2016 Nanjing International Art Exhibition, Nanjing

2016 Sanya international art exhibition, Hainan

2014 poly palace, high-end art salon, Beijing

2011 80 art archives, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing

2010 Canadian Embassy group exhibition,Beijing

2010 "Chinese elements" exhibition of modern art gallery , Taiwan

2010 The ' RETURN '70TH Sichuan academy of fine arts,ChongQing

2008 'ART BEIJING',Beijing

2008 'URBAN FAIRY STORIES',Themis Gallery,Beijing798 

2008    Living in Songzhuang, Songzhuang Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing

2006  Exhibition of Zhang Tingqun and Zhou Yan’s Works, Yibo Art Gallery, Shanghai

2006  KunstRAI 2006, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

2006  From the Beijing—Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, the Netherlands

2006 ' Emotional and Form Exhibition', Rain Gallery, Beijing

2006 'Tea-Horse Road'—Exhibition of Zhang Tingqun and Zhou Yan’s Works, Beijing

2006 'Of Variety and Diversification'—Invited Exhibition of Contemporary Oil Paintings,Yun Fung Art Gallery, Shanghai, China

2004  'Words of the Young', Yun Fung Art Gallery, Beijing

2003  Tokyo Project Charity Auction of 99 Pieces of Works, 798 Art Zone, Beijing

2003 The First Youth Art Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing